Saturday, June 13, 2009

Idaho - a - Bye Bye

Well I done did it, I left that crappy state of Idaho! I feel better already. I am presently about an hour or so from D&D's home town. (well, home town every since WOTC took it over, lol) More later. Got some address changes to make.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Big Brother Exposed

I just want to know who was filming my game session from decades ago?

This really brings back memories.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Laptop Down!

Well fried my laptop somehow. So now I'm stuck using the wifes laptop, hmmmmm dat suks. oh well at least I can still check my e-mail and read my blogsubs. As for all of my D&D stuff I'llhave to wait until I can pull it off myhard drive.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back in the dungeon

Well I'm back in the dungeon, and a lot has changed since I left. I have a lot to catch up on. A little history so you can judge to see if I am worthy.
At the young age of 9 I received a gift from a perfect stranger. A gentleman (and I use that term loosely here) that my older sister was ummm "dating" I guess would be the proper term. I do remember my father saying she was "shacking up" with this guy, anyway that's a different bunny trail. He pulled a booklet out of the trash handed it to me and walked out the door of his and my sisters apartment saying "you touch my good books and I'll break your fingers." Such nurturing and loving comments were common from others when they decided to direct their attention towards "the weird one", me. "He doesn't want to play sports, he sits alone for hours and does nothing but read." ..... "No their not even real books, there all about dragons and whatnot, I'm telling you the kids a little off." Anyway once again that's a different bunny trail.
This Booklet that was thrust upon me didn't have any food stains from the trash, and it was almost the size of a sheet of notebook paper. There was no proper cover so I figured it was probably just something to keep me occupied. After the movie was over I got bored so I examined my new possession once again. as I turned it over and turned it right side up my heart stopped. There in my hand, out of a trash can, into my waiting grasp was the Holy Grail of all books for a fantasy novel reader. "Dungeons & Dragons - Fantasy Adventure Game". For you to truly appreciate why I treated this cover less 64 page booklet with reverence you must understand a few things. First according to the church I was often drug to every Sunday morning this was evil incarnate. Second this booklet had killed! Literally, Look for yourself:

Yes that's Tom Hanks. Well he doesn't die in the movie but the kid does die in the book.

At the time I started playing D&D the book and the film were not out, but the news carried the story and the powers that be (parents, etc...) were talking about it. Yes they had to change the name to Mazes and Monsters but come on, you know its about Dungeons (Mazes) and (&) Dragons (Monsters) Its not that hard to figure out. Anyway I held the grail in my hands and began to read. The rest well, I began playing soon after and didn't stop until after I was married 12 years and a life time later. I discovered Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and switched to playing that exclusively. While in Germany I even attended a couple of Conventions that were held on different bases. Well now I'm back and playing catch up. True my learning curve isn't as steep as a new player but there is a lot to catch up on.